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What is a pre-emergent herbicide?

A pre-emergent herbicide, when applied to an approved area, helps prevent weeds in that area by preventing germination of the seed.

We apply the pre-emergent from a power sprayer, using water as the carrier.

A pre-emergent can be safely applied around plants and trees, since it works on seed and not foliage or an existing root system.


What is a post-emergent herbicide?

A post-emergent herbicide is applied to existing weeds which in turn eradicates them. There are many different types of post-emergent herbicides. Generally, a post-emergent is a contact herbicide or a systemic herbicide. We usually use a systemic herbicide because it translocates the herbicide into the root system of the weed to do a more complete kill, but sometimes can take 10 days to up to two weeks to work. A contact killer can chemically burn out a weed very quickly, but does not always do a complete kill since it is not absorbed into the root system. Also, post-emergent herbicides can be non-selective or selective. For example, you can use a non-selective herbicide, such as Roundup, which can kill both grass and weeds. An example of a selective herbicide would be using 2,4-D, in a grass lawn to kill a variety of broadleaf weeds without killing the grass.

Why is there color after spraying?

We add color as an indicator, as it is helpful for both the tech that applies the herbicide, as well as letting the customer know where it was applied. The color will disappear in about one weeks time.


Is it safe for humans and pets?

We always refer to the label of the product, and in general for the products we use, the manufacturers state it is safe for humans and pets, but to keep both pets and children off the treated areas until dry and dissipated. We always recommend keeping them off for at least one hour. If products are used with further restrictions, we will inform that customer.


Will weeds come back after spraying?

When we apply a pre-emergent to a property, our goal is to get 100% control. However, this is an imperfect science since there are so many variables. What you should expect is about 95% or better control, and if you do have a problem, in most cases, it will be under warranty and there is no charge to come back out to take care of the problem.


What does your guarantee cover?

The one year guarantee will cover all annual weeds if they come back in desert landscapes or dirt areas of your property, or any treated area. We do not warranty weeds that are sprayed in grass lawns (as no pre-emergent can be applied). 


Should I water the ground where pre-emergent herbicide has been sprayed?

Yes! Please water the pre-emergent herbicide so that it will be incorporated into the soil and will do its job of preventing germination of the weed seeds. The watering ideally should be done within two weeks after an application, unless it happens to rain.

Frequently Asked Questions

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