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If you are experiencing a pest issue now, or are concerned with protecting your home and family, call us today to discuss the solutions we can provide.

Many times, home owners only think about pest control when they see an insect dash across their kitchen floor, crawl across their bed, or notice them when out gardening. Yet the most effective approach to pest management is not to react to an already existing infestation, but to be proactive and prevent issues from ever happening in the first place. Property damage from pests can cost home owners thousands of dollars if not eradicated quickly. Health issues from pest invasions can be harmful to both humans and pets, and can end up having lasting effects. 


At T&R Weed and Pest, our pest control service delivers a thorough pest management process to eliminate pest issues you have now, and prevent future issues from ever happening. A common sense pest control approach requires a trained eye to identify potential threats throughout your property, and to develop a barrier system to eliminate issues before they occur. And like other parts of your home, this system needs to be maintained and inspected for effectiveness on a regular basis.


How we proceed with our service once scheduled

1. We will inspect and correctly diagnose your main issues. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection both inside and outside your home. 

2. At this point we will develop a proven approach and plan.

3. Next we remove pests and treat your home inside and out. We focus on getting right to the source of the infestation.

4. We will establish a perimeter pesticide barrier around your home or structure, this protects you after the initial application.

5. Lastly, our team will help you establish a long term plan to keep your property pest free, year round. 

Please see more about the pests we treat below

Pest Control

*Mosquitos carry pathogens, and can transmit disease, West Nile is an example.

*Nobody likes their bites!!

*ANY standing water will attract them. Try not to overwater your landscaping.

*Our team of professionals will establish a treatment plan that will keep your property mosquito free.

*Our team of technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your area and assess the harborage areas of stinging insects, then provide proper solutions that will benefit your home and your environment.

*Bees and wasps, in particular live a solitary life, however, honeybees, bumblebees, paper wasps, yellow jackets and hornets commonly live in colonies

*We will identify and build a barrier against bees and wasps living on your property.

*Many types of scorpions are native to the 4 corners desert environment and encounters are common.

*Not all scorpions are poisonous, but all have a sting that will cause pain and damage to people and pets.

*Scorpions are arachnids (spider family) and they are hunters.

*They are commonly found in shrubs, plants, flowerbeds and trees hunting food.

*They will track potential food sources in your home or business.

*They will attack if cornered or surprised.

*Call our team of professionals immediately if your home experiences any symptoms of rodent infestation, including:

  • Gnaw marks in walls and along floors

  • Distinctive musky odors that will not go away

  • Torn packages of food

  • Nests made of shredded materials

  • Droppings or trails of urine

  • Dead rodents in open sight

  • Rodent footprints

  • Burrows in the garden area

*If you see one Ant, usually you’re going to see a lot really soon.

*Within ant colonies, each ant is has specific job, and the job you are most likely to see is food seekers who scavenge for food and water.

*If some nourishment is found, a few carry the food back to the colony, however If they find a path into a large amount of food, they’re going to bring as many of their colony as necessary.

*Our recurring pest control service builds a barrier around your home and keeps ants outside your home or commercial property.

*From inadequate seals on doors and windows, to cracks in your home’s foundations, our team is trained to pinpoint your house’s weaknesses to spider infestation, and address them.

*Spiderlings molt and become adults over time, creating a cycle of infestation.

*Without professional intervention, it is easy to wipe out the adult spider population in your home only to discover that a new generation has emerged

*Our team will conduct a thorough property inspection to locate any existing spiders, nests and food sources. 

*Cockroaches are slim and can access your home through small cracks in your walls, roof and laundry vents, and up your plumbing and sewer drains.

*The best defense against cockroaches is to keep them from your home in the first place by keeping your kitchen and garbage areas clean. 

*Effective cockroach control requires a thorough extermination of the cockroaches you currently have, and improving your environment to prevent their return.

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