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All year long, you look out for the first sign of a weed sprouting in your yard.

You know that if you let one weed take root and go to flower, its seeds can spread and take over your landscaping.

However, you have the power to keep your yard in top, weed-free condition.

Schedule weed spraying services in in the Four Corners area from T&R Weed & Pest Control!


We Attack Weeds in Two Ways:

T&R Weed & Pest Control believes in doing more than just killing weeds that you can already see.

First, we kill all visible weeds with a post-emergent weed mix. Second, we spray with a pre-emergent mix. Our pre-emergent mix targets soil and kills seeds that could sprout into stubborn weeds. We use our proprietary mixes to prevent weed infestations on your property before they start. Our proprietary mix ensures only unwanted weeds are eradicated, which keeps all of your landscaping intact.

Once you've taken care of the weeds on your property, you'll enjoy a weed-free look much further into the future. But to keep your property weed-free, take advantage of our annual weed-prevention plan, which include guarantees for any annual weeds.  We specialize in spraying xeroscaped properties covered by rock or natural desert landscape.


When you contract with us, you can feel confident!

1) We'll spray to kill the visible weeds as well as spray a pre-emergent to prevent new weeds on our initial visit.

2) If you do have some annual weeds come back during the guarantee period, we will send out a spray tech to do a respray at no charge. (Guarantee will become void due to any ground disturbance such as:  Digging, Raking, Dragging, Backfilling, Plowing, etc..)

3) Our proprietary weed killing mix ensures ONLY weeds get eradicated, your landscaping will remain healthy and intact.

4) When your contract is about over, we will give you a reminder call that it is time to reapply the pre-emergent so that you will continue to have a weed free landscape.


Our team of weed prevention specialists service the wider Four Corners area and come to you whenever weeds are a concern. From our home base in Farmington, we proudly serve any residential, HOA, or commercial business property in Aztec, Farmington, Durango, Flora Vista, Bloomfield, Kirtland, Shiprock, Navajo Dam, Blanco and surrounding areas.

Weed Control

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